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4 Key Roles & Responsibilities of Event Security Teams

It’s the job of event security teams to provide security, oversee the entire event, and ensure it runs smoothly. This involves monitoring surveillance cameras, patrolling the site, and managing entry points. If you’re planning an event in Wolverhampton, here are four key roles and responsibilities your event security team will undertake.

Security screenings

The first and most important role of event security in Wolverhampton is thorough security screenings. This includes personal searches and checking bags to eliminate the risk of concealed weapons or unauthorised items entering the event premises.

It’s important to have a meeting before the event to discuss what is and isn’t allowed on-site. For example, you might decide to prohibit food and drink from being brought onto the premises, which means these items will be taken from people at the door.

Any illegal items will be immediately removed, the person detained, and the authorities will be called, helping to keep your event secure.

Parking & Access Control

If your event has parking, your event security team will provide parking assistance to reduce the rate of crime and ensure cars are parked safely. Unattended event car parks are at high risk of theft and vandalism, so having an event security team ensure your guests and their vehicles are kept safe.

If you have access points at your event, a site security team will also manage these to prevent unauthorised access. It’s important that emergency vehicles and personnel can get through access points safely, which is why having a posted security guard is essential.

Swift Response to Incidents

We’ve seen all sorts of incidents at events, from fights and brawls to spiking and theft. Having an event security team means you get a swift response to any incidents that might happen.

Our security guards are able to break up fights and prevent them from escalating and remove any suspicious individuals causing trouble. Our guards are also trained to respond quickly to fires, meaning we can douse them before they spread.

Environment Monitoring

You want everyone to have a good time at your event, and security is a big part of what makes that happen. We can monitor equipment, ensure special guests or acts are safe and organised, and relay important information to the rest of the team.

Guests also feel more relaxed when there is a clear security presence they can go to in case of an emergency.

Hire an Event Security Team in Wolverhampton

At Best Defence Security, we provide safe, secure even security in Wolverhampton and the wider UK. We’ll ensure your event is secure, guests are safe, and emergencies are handled swiftly.

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